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Good bird husbandry and welfare are at the heart of our farming community here at Cheeky Chicken HQ.

The girls have their own dedicated area of ten acres, where we have enriched our soils with herbal mixed species swards (MSS) and bee-friendly flowers for a more diverse diet for the birds.

The herbal mix also flowers at various times of the year giving the girls all year-round nutritional support. The hens are actively encouraged to mob graze to improve welfare and get them working their natural instincts.

At Jordanstown Farm we practise regenerative farming, one of the five principles of regenerative farming is to maintain our soil health, reduce the use of pesticides and work with mother nature and the soil.

The freshness and the quality of our product is building a very loyal following of bakers, restaurants and households who appreciate the quality of our eggs.

Happy Hens Lay Tasty Eggs.

and our hens Cluck for themselves.

Our Eggs

Why eat our eggs? Our girls are kept in small flocks and live in a mobile shed that moves every few days. As they are constantly grazing on fresh pastures enjoying all that nature has to offer the girls have a natural and nutritious diet and roam the great outdoors on an average of 8-12 hours a day. The colour of their yolks and the great taste speak for themselves so why not try them for yourself!

Our eggs are collected and graded from our own packing centre; we are fully approved by the Department of Agriculture.

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farmer picking up organic eggs from chicken coup with chicken watching him
Mark and James Rooney are third generation farmers at Jordanstown Farm in Oldtown, Co. Dublin. Their Grandfather Pat Rooney Sr bought Jordanstown Farm in the 1950’s and was an early adapter to grain growing in Ireland, diversifying between tillage farming and livestock.

As the farm grew and increasing effects of climate change became evident at the farm, together with their dad, Pat, Mark, and James knew things were going to have to change from traditional ways of farming to more sustainable methods of farming where they transitioned from conventional to regenerative farming practises.

Despite what many may say, the reintroduction of livestock is one of the best ways to help regenerate soils and one of the main principles of regenerative farming, together Pat, Mark and James introduced Cheeky Chicken Co. to the farm.

The Cheeky Chicken ladies graze the land one patch at a time, they have the most natural of diets, producing the most delicious eggs for us humans and they naturally fertilize the land as they move around it.
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